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Drug Abuse Recovery Programs

The Betty Ford Clinic is of the most famous substance recovery centers in the country. A person who knows its history knows it was founded by the wife of former President Gerald Ford. Its founder and who her husband was do not matter much. Readers do not need to focus on the effectiveness rate of this particular center, unless they have the money to check into it. Please call 800-303-2482 if you need any assistance and one of our counselors will be here available to accept your important call.

What an individual about to enter one of these facilities needs to know is what they should expect from these programs. They know they are going to spend nearly a month at the center. They can expect various things to go on while they are at the center. The first few days at recovery programs are usually the most difficult.

Patients who enter the clinic come in to the building having just come off of withdrawal symptoms. They may have headaches and may have cravings. People who reach this stage should be out of any medical danger by the time they make it this far. Medical staff working for the substance abuse recovery centers monitors each patient to make sure there are no other medical issues. Residents may also be given medication to ease the lingering symptoms of withdrawal.

Staff help the residents ease into life at the center for the first few days. They expect the patient to attend group therapy sessions. Each person may undergo one-on-one counseling while staying in the center. The centers plan more than group therapy. No one goes through 24-hour, round-the-clock therapy. They do not even spend all their waking time going through therapy. There will be recreational activities designed to give people time to relax. The center may show movies and offer other forms of recreation planned by the staff.

Drug Abuse Recovery Programs

While at the center, the addiction recovery specialists will help the individual make plans about what he or she is going to do after he or she leaves the program, he or she can expect a great deal of support while he or she is in the center. Meals are included in the cost of the stay. Insurance companies may or may not cover the cost of the stay.

The centers will get a person enrolled and started on a recovery program. It will most likely be a twelve-step program, but there are alternatives to AA/NA. AA works for many people, but it does not work for everyone. Behavior modification techniques rely on individual choice and do not make for individual differences.

Even though the AA program is found in 90 percent of treatment centers, there are programs that do away with the reliance on a personal relationship with a deity. Motivation enhancement combined with mindfulness techniques has shown similar success rates.

If Alcoholics Anonymous is pervasive, people assume that it works. People also know that courts order people to attend meetings. A person may be referred to the program by a social agency in his or her area. The organization, which was founded by people who were strongly Christian, does not sit well with everyone. Courts in many states have ordered that people who object to the tenets of the program must be provided an alternative. Atheists, Buddhists, and people who belong to religions other than Judaism, Christianity, or Islam benefit the most from these distinctions.

The goal of all of these programs is behavior modification. Because behavior modification takes place in the mind rather than in the body, they take much longer. A physiological illness can be cured easily. Mental illnesses that result from a chemical imbalance in the body can be treated with medications. Life Ring Secular Recovery and Secular Organizations for Sobriety use methods that are similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, but they do not require a person to commit his or her life to a higher power.

If someone does not want to go to meetings, he or she may wonder if there are any other programs that help him or her overcome alcohol abuse without the need to attend the meetings that are often held at churches. Rational Recovery believes that an individual is on his or her own in overcoming alcohol. People who use this program also abstain from the drug permanently and they take it slowly. Members of this program do not ever need to see another person using the same program.

There are other programs available. Some of them do have a higher success rate than others, but there is an additional consideration. The idea is not to find a program that works better than others. The idea is to find a program that works for the individual. When he or she begins the program, he or she needs to stick with it. It may be that he or she has no choice about entering such a program. If he or she does have a choice, it will be more likely that he or she can pick and choose the program. Small town residents may have to use Alcoholics Anonymous, though there are alternatives.

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